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Welcome to Gardens for Change!

Are you someone who is interested in growing more of your own food right outside of your door?

Are you interested in learning about Permaculture Design? Not sure where to begin?

Gardens for change offers the chance to get started! Our goal is to help clients grow or eat more of their own organic food from their own home gardens while promoting sustainability, permaculture and local food production. We also offer permaculture classes, workshops and lectures.

Some of these goals are achieved through:

Site Preparation:

  • Teaching clients about permaculture!
  • Hearing clients goals
  • Providing a site assessment
  • Creating a permaculture design
  • Creating a budget and timeline


  • Doing a soil test
  • Digging up sod or sheet mulching
  • Bringing in manure and sometimes top soil
  • Adding amendments to enhance the soil

Food Production:

  • Creating edible landscapes
  • Creating planting charts garden layout
  • Planting
  • Weeding and fertilizing

Other Projects:

  • Teaching classes workshops and lectures
  • Small carpentry projects such as tool sheds, compost bins or chicken houses.
  • Continued consultations as needed during the growing season
  • Chainsaw work and brush clean up