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Farm Animals

September 30, 2007

We now are the proud possessors of one cow and a puppy dog! The cow demonstrates her force of will when she won’t come to the house and leads us on a wild chase through the thorn bushes until we stop cursing long enough to approach her in a calm gentle manner. Because we all know getting angry doesn’t help anything. We were so proud of her the other night when for the first time she showed up at the house five minutes early without having to be called. With patience you can train them to do anything! As for the dog… well don’t be too attached to your possessions because overnight they may be reduced to many little bits on the ground.. Such as the kitchen sponge or a nice pair of socks. No, shes a good girl most of the time is learning quite fast what she can and cant do….. We go for walks down by the river….
We are taking a cheese course once a week so that when the cow gives birth we can play with the milk. It is my weekly dose of intense Spanish and it takes come concentration. The teacher is hilarious and has been making cheese for many years. I learn such useful everyday street words like coagulant and lacto bicillus…. ha ha ha. Cheese making sure is an art and I hope we can come up with some good experiments.
We are building a chicken house and hope to have hens soon. It sure takes more effort to haul in every last piece of lumber with a wheel barrow from the top of the hill since there is no road only a rocky shoreline next to the cold clear river.

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