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Thinking Like A Permaculturist

December 8, 2007

We have been having fun creating and scheming new projects.. We started building an energy efficient oven and then tore down the wall at the same time… and we do need a little green house… But where to get the soil to built this cob structure? Why not dig a greywater pond at the same time. oh and and herb spriral…..Yes! So it goes. With two hands and a strong will we can change the space and create much. Thank god that there is not building codes in the middle of the campo! You can make it up however you want: posts from the forest, sand from the river, clay from the ground, rocks from the river. Its all there. But when you have to get all your supplies from the land one wheelbarrow load at a time you better have some paitence. Especially since the argentines don’t know about mechanical advantage when it comes to wheelbarrows!

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