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December 27, 2007

I took this weekend off and went hiking to Chile with some others to renew their visas. Taking the bus to the lake we saw last night’s partiers still with beer in their hand milking it to the end. We hopped a ferry boat to the remote Argentine army post where they gave us a thorough inspection before letting us be on our way. It was so beautiful out there along the lake with rugged rooted trails and snow capped peaks..And the biggest nastiest horse flies you have ever seen.  We crossed the border in the middle of nowhere with not much more than a metal sign post.  It makes you realize how much of a bureaucracy borders are since we only went to the Chilean army post to get a chile stamp and turned around and came back… You play by the rules I guess. Though at least between Argentinat and Chile exists a rather massive mountain range. No wonder they don’t like each other….
.Part two

I had three lovely lady volunteers who were super hyper high strung and great fun and so funny hyper and crazy. They are biking their way through Argentina. For now I am enjoying their company. They know how to work hard and even know more than I do about bikes. Good laughs are nice to have when I feel stressed about all that I am trying to do.
I was sad to see them go but then they convinced me to go with them! Yes I rode that ghetto no front derailleur squeaky bike that they worked magic on for five days all the way to Chile to renew my visa. They carried all the weight otherwise I would have been left in the dust wishing I had stayed at home. We had one day of pavement and then the most bouncy huge gravel you have ever seen that slowed us to a crawl. Oh but it was some glorious miles and the freedom of the open road. We went through a great national park and camped and rode and rested and joked the whole way along. It makes me want to go on another trip again for a long period of time. Its the way to live I tell you.
I got back from my adventure and spent a week in the bed with maybe a much milder case of mono but without regret.

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