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Hard Times

January 3, 2008

I went off traveling with my sister to do a back packing trip and when I left Alex was not feeling so well. He e-mailed me during my travels and asked me to come back because he went to his brothers because he was so ill. And the farm was in trouble! I did not make it to Chile after all but came rushing back to the farm to find out my seedlings had died and the dog had completely disappeared. She is still missing. Alex is so sick he can barley talk. He has mononucleosis. I am praying like hell that I don’t get it because down here with the mate ritual everyone shares everyone’s germs so it seems. I am going to see him today but think he is going to be out for a good while.
So what does that mean for me and the farm? Looks like its all up to me for now. I am taking it in stride I suppose am working hard to pace myself. I feel like my work is somewhat futile at times since who knows what is going to happen in the long run and of all the people that bought this land the others are not really involved at this point. We have very little water from our spring so we have taken carting to up river water in jugs which will isn’t really enough to water a whole block of corn but at least makes me feel better like I am trying to do something.
I feel like my hands are tied to continue on some projects and there is communication breakdown about logistics where to buy stuff etc.

I have a whole field of grain to harvest that I know nothing about but I guess I just make it up at this point.
We are getting some good food and I finally today at the end of summer got my first summer squash. Small successes are what counts. We had a great fava bean year and I just harvested 620 heads of garlic which made me happy. Tomatoes and some of those summery things may have missed their chance but I haven’t given up entirely. Blackberry season is soon and we will also have plums to can. Never a dulll moment! But is sure is hard to grow things down here.
So some days are good some days are bad. Take it in stride.

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