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The Nature of Garbage

March 8, 2008

I am rethinking my notion of what is garbage. Have you ever considered stuffing your pillow with clean plastic bags? Or using glass bottles for windows? How about glass wine bottles to edge your garden bed?
Juice cartons staples on the wall to increase the heat?  Yes it all can be done and more. Garbage here can become a whole new idea if you just think of it right. When there isn’t a service to haul it away then what? People are really resourceful when they have less.

And here is a recipe for third world walls.  Take plastic garbage (candy wrappers etc), stuff it inside a plastic soda bottle. Once you have many of these find an old pallet  and stick all the soda bottles into the pallet. Get many of these and stand them on edge, mud over them in place with a mix of sand clay straw and water. And you are on your way to the House of Garbage

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