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May 9, 2008

We are into late frosts and finishing the last last things. I planted garlic yesterday which was nice. I made me think of other galic plantings. I have planted garlic somewhere with someone since 2004. Oh the cycles of life…. We are impressed with our ability to brush our teeth indoors now with the instillation of a sink and HOT WATER! One takes if for granted until you are without.
The caretakers came and are super organized and we got to hang out with their little boy who is around one and a half. He talks like crazy and is a character! Yes I know I have been having baby envy these days….We left them with a few loose ends but nothing they could not handle.

May 9

Alex is probably sitting at the airport in Buenos Aires waiting to get on the plane. Well meet up in NYC. I am now in the uppercrust tourist town of San Martin. Here its all Fall leaves and time for reflection and bicycle exploration. Its very ritzy with fancy houses and all sorts of ski shops. You have to have money to live here. But it’s nice to be here anyway. Staying in a nice hostel and I tell you I sure missed those hot showers!

So…I wont bore you much longer. I have learned much here in my adventures and though am sad to leave, think it is time. I did some ass kicking work and am all the more skilled for it. I learned that I have some skills and like being in the role of teacher. I learned about my own limitations and set some new goals for myself. I ate a lot of chocolate bars and a few bowls of popcorn. I had numerous conversations about the state of the world. I laughed a lot, sang played guitar got really dirty, chased our cow, walked alot, took many cold showers, grew some amazing veggies, built 8 compost piles learned some spanish and much much more.

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