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Volcanic Erruptions

May 9, 2008

I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when I looked up and saw what looked like a huge mushroom cloud crescendoing  over the horizon. We both stopped and stared for a bit. One hour later we heard some very distinct rumblings. The volcano was alive! Later in the day the sky got dark and hazy and soon there was something falling from the sky that appeared like snow? Ashes. So fine and powdery to cover the ground your clothing and every little tree twig. And they don’t melt when the sun shines. We are in town today and it feels like a first snow coating everything but its grey and filmy. People were wearing masks. We were not even very near the eruption. In other cities they received a huge dumping of ashes. Yes about 6 feet! in some places. It is a crisis if sorts and pollutes the drinking water among other things. I felt honored to witness it since is hasn’t erupted in about 9000 years.. There are some cool pictures. We got a new horse that day who is well trained and can plow a  field no problem.  His name? Volcan!

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