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Favorite Documentaries

March 29, 2010

Here is a list of some documentaries I have enjoyed many related to food but also social justice

Websites for More:

Born into Brothels: Calcuttas red light kids – prostitution in India
Grizzly man –relationships with grizzly bears

Doing time Doing Vipassanna –meditation in Indian prisons

The Take – Argentina’s economic crisis in 2001
Black Gold – the role of coffee in the world

Fevala Rising-the use of music to counteract gang violence in Rio de Janeiro

The reflecting pool –  investigating September  11th

Ferenheit 9/11 –Micheal More on 9/11

Encounters at the end of the world-what goes on at the south pole

The World According to Monsanto– how they are screwing everyone and everything

Walmart: The high cost of low price – How they are screwing everyone and everything

Bowing for Columbine– guns in schools

Sicko-corruption with insurance companies

Super size me- fast food and how terrible it is.

Fast food nation –fast food issues in the USA

The Future of food –investigating Genetic engineering

Operation Dreamland – One groups of soldiers experience in Iraq

The Gleaners And I – gleaning food in France

Loose change 2nd edition Investigating Sept 11th

A day without a mexican How Mexicans have changed the US Economy

The Corporation– How they are screwing everyone and everything

The Devils Miner Fate of kids in the Bolivian silver mines

Outfoxed Robert Greenwald Fox news corruption media

Our Brand is Crisis – Bolivian Politics

An Inconvenient truth – Global warming

The Power of Community: How Cuba survived Peak oil

Affluenza– Consumerism at its worst

Dr Bronners Magic soap box the story of the Doctor Bronner soap company

A funny thing  happened on the way to the moon –proving the moon trip was all a hoax

9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions

The Road to Guantanamo

The War on Democracy
Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election-The stealing of the 2000 election

Slavery: a Global Investigation

Big Easy to Big Empty the untold story of drowning in New Orleans

Alone in the Wilderness a story of a guy who went and lived in the Alaskan bush alone for many years

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