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LLani Davidson

LLani started her garden career as a young child helping her mother do organic gardening in Shutesbury. As and adult she became involved in outdoor adventure kids programs. In teaching science to sixth graders she became amazed that environmental education didn’t include issues around food and agriculture and wanted to find a way for them to merge.

She went to work at a Biodynamic farm in northern California where she learned the ins and outs of running a horse powered CSA for 150 families.
Llani then went on to combine her two interests. Food and kids. She worked at Hawthorne Valley Farm working with third graders teaching skills such as barn cleaning, food preservation, gardening, bread making and cooking. She also worked with the teen summer program doing farm education about CSAs, commercial vs. organic, consumer buying power and healthy food choices .

Llani stayed on another year at Hawthorne Valley working directly on the farm milking cows,growing vegetables for 275 families and selling produce at the Green Market in New York City.


Following Hawthorne Valley she  went to Argentina and spent a growing season setting up a rural homestead farm and working with WOOF volunteers teaching them about natural building, farming and animal care.

She decided that her scale of farming interest was more aligned with the small scale, using a fork and a shovel and the permaculture approach and she was really interested in teaching others and helping individuals grow their own food.  Thus Gardens for Change was born.

To expand Gardens for Change, she took a Permaculture Design Certification Course to round out her farming knowledge. And later went on to become a permaculture certified teacher .

Gardens for Change now in its third year, had installed gardens in and around the pioneer valley. Projects have ranged  from full permaculture designs to putting in a few garden beds to one on one instruction about growing techniques. She also  co-teaches permaculture and green building courses in the pioneer valley.

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