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February 8, 2008

The cow has been crossing the river with it being so low. One time we neglected to look for her for a whole week. By the time we got to it she was a good five miles away and had made some new friends at another farm. Yesterday we tried to bring her back and she tangled me up in my bicycle that I was leading with my other hand. I lost the rope and she bolted into the thorns and we were left scratching our heads wondering how to get her back. Many hours, and thorn scratches later we found her trail of the rope dragging on the ground. It was easy after that to find her but when we did she was onto us. Picture Alex jumping on and off the horse trying to catch her and me running full tilt through the pricker bushes thinking I can’t loose her again!! She ran back the farm she started at and we came up embarrassed scratched and a lot wiser for all our effort. The farmer offered to bring her back tied to his horse today. Even I was thinking of what nice hamburgers she would make.

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